Guide to the Cities of Portland, Oregon



A medium sized city like Portland, Oregon is only has good as the surrounding cities at it's boundaries.  We are very lucky in Portland because we have the best suburban cities in the entire country.  When relocating you have choices.  You can live in the highest income area per capita, you can live closest to downtown, you can live in the best schools area, you can live next to mountains and rivers, you can live near the Oregon Coast, you can live in suburbs and cities with country feel and plenty of rural country, you can live close to freeways, you can live next to all the jobs or you can do what most people do.  You can chose a few items and get the best possible scenario for your situation.  Most people that relocate want to live close to work, in a good school district and a safe neighborhood.  Everyone is different but a good relocation company can help tremendously when it comes relocating to the Portland area.