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Welcome to Portland, Oregon's best housing relocation information on the web.  Above you will find four helpful links depending on whether you want to purchase a home, rent a home, purchase an investment to be rented, or meet with a rental agency to place you in an apartment, studio or condo.  You will also find some very helpful information under the housing tips link

Portland Housing

Portland Metropolitan Housing includes many outlining cities and well as different districts within the boundaries of Portland. If you are moving here from out of town it can be a daunting experience to finding a home when you have no familiarity with the different areas. PDXrelocate offers an introduction to different districts and surrounding cities to Portland to help you gain some familiarity. You can look at actual pictures from the different areas; learn about the school districts, some demographics and history as well parks and recreation. Once you learn what area you are interested in your search will become easier.