Guide to Oregon's Hanggliding and Paragliding

Oregon has many sites and opportunities for hanggliding and paragliding. There are also numerous schools if you want to learn these sports. For avid hanggliders moving to this area, you will find other hanggliders and information from the Oregon Hang Gliding Association.  They are dedicated to maintaining hangglinding sites and keeping updates on information and events.

For information on schools, other paragliders, site maps, flight reports, events, visit the Cascade Paraglinding Club or come to their monthly meeting the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm at the East Bank Saloon & Restaurant, 727 SE Grand, Portland upstairs in the banquet room.


Oregon Hang Gliding School

Discover Paragliding offers tandem or solo flight instruction for those in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Max Roc Paragliding offer lessons and trips for residents in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Desert Air Riders is a small active paragliding club in Central Oregon.


Lookout Mountain/Anderson's Viewpoint

Oceanside, OR

Sollie Smith

Willamette Valley:
Becks tow park


Dog Mountain (WA)

Peterson's Butte

Woodrat Mountain

Wannabe Ranch (towing at Morton airport, WA)

Central Oregon:

Bald Butte

Pine Mountain

Around Lakeview:

Black Cap

Doherty Slide

Hadley Butte

Sugar Hill (CA)

Tague's Butte

Eastern Oregon:

Mt Howard