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Guide To Oregon's Open Water Swimming



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Oregon's Open Water Swimming:

Oregon has a public right to "unencumbered recreational access" to most bodies of water which allows for many picturesque choices for open-water swimming in lakes, rivers and ocean waters. Because the water is a bit chilly most of the time, most open water swims have a category for wetsuits and one for without wetsuits. Oregon Master’s swimming is very involved with open water swimming and hosts several open water swims each summer. Through OMS you will also find a number of swimmers willing to travel to do swims around the world like the English Channel or Alcatraz swim.

Venues in Oregon that consistently hold organized open water swims each summer are:
Henry Hagg Lake out of Forest Grove

Devil’s Lake in Lincoln City

Foster Lake is by Sweet Home. 6191 Hwy 20 East, Foster, Oregon 97345

Applegate Lake is located approximately 24 miles from Jacksonville.

Elk Lake is located about 25 miles outside of Bend.

Dorena Lake

Cottage Grove Lake is about five miles south of Cottage Grove.

Eel Lake is located 42 miles south of Florence.

2010 open water schedule