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Guide To Oregon's Snow Shoeing



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There are numerous snowshoeing trails in Oregon with plenty of books available to show the numerous routes. Below are some of the most popular snowshoeing trails.Trillium Lake is one of the most popular snowshoeing sites close to Portland. It is a five mile course around Trillium Lake and offers beautiful views. You will find this hike just past Government Camp right off the highway.

Mirror Lake is another very popular snowshoeing site close to Government Camp. You will find peace and quiet with beautiful views. It is an easy 3 mile loop which makes it good for beginners.

Barlow Pass is a somewhat difficult 6 mile cross country hike which uses the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and is close to Government Camp. The trailhead elevation is 3,900 feet with the top elevation at 4,500.

Frog Lake is a 1.5 mile out and back easy hike which makes it great for children. It is also popular with snowmobiles so it is better to go on a week day. The nearest city is Government Camp.

Twin Lakes is a destination you may want to try to get away from crowds. It is about 3 miles from the parking lot and is less popular than Trillium Lake or Frog Lake. You should be an experienced at snowshoeing to tackle this 8 mile loop. The closest city is Government Camp.

White River is a very popular out and back route totally 3 miles. There is an elevation gain of 600 feet and is rated difficult. Government Camp is the closest city. This route offers spectacular view of Mount Hood. The trail begins at the White River Sno-Park.

Crosstown Trail is another Government Camp Snowshoe Trail. This trail goes within yards of the town of Government Camp. It is an easy point-to-point 3 mile trail with minimal elevation gain.

Broken Top is a Bend Snowshoe Trail where the mountains are formed by severe volcanic action and you can see it all on this 10 mile out and back hike. The closer you get to the summit of Broken Top the more impressive the sites are.

Tom, Dick, and Harry is a popular 5 mile hike in which cross country skiers generally stay away from because of its steepness. It has an elevation gain of 1,600 feet and is rated difficult. The closest city is Government Camp.

Cooper Spur is a very difficult 4 mile route on the east side of Mt. Hood. The closest city is Hood River. The route takes you through the back country.

Yellowjacket Trail is a challenging 6 mile point-to-point hike where you will see some beautiful scenery. It can get steep at times which keeps some cross-country skiers away. Government Camp is the closest city.

Illumination Saddle is a 5 mile out-and-back hike through backcountry which you can do from December through August. The hike starts at 5,800 feet elevation and reaches 9,500 feet in elevation. Government Camp is the nearest city.

Tilly Jane Creek is an easy 3 mile out and back hike which you can do January through March. In order to take this trip, you need to get to Cloud Cap Inn, first. The closest city is Hood River.

Crater Lake Loop/Rim Drive is one of Oregon’s classics and major hike. You will need to allow 3-4 days and will need some backcountry know-how. This is a 33 mile loop which is difficult. You may take this hike from January through May. The nearest city is Fort Klamath.

Cloud Cap Inn is a 12 mile loop rated difficult. You may do this hike from November through April. Plan on at least 4-8 hours to do the hike and also plan to do a lot of up hill climbing to a historic cabin. Hood River is the nearest city.

Crater Rock is serious hike which can take you above the clouds and spectacular views. This is an out-and-back hike 6 miles long but plan on taking 6 hours to do it. This hike is generally available January through June. The closest city is Government Camp.

Swampy Lakes Trail is popular because there are many varied trails you can take from the Swampy Lakes Sno-Park. You can find trails from 2-8 times varying from easy to moderate. The closest city is Bend.

Opal Creek is a 7 mile difficult out-and-back loop where you may see some trees that are 1000 years old. There is minimal elevation gain on this loop and it is generally open for snowshoeing in December and January. Mehama is the nearest city.

Silcox Hut is a short 2 mile out and back hike but it is rated difficult as you will be crossing glaciers. To get there you will need to climb up the mountain above the tree line. The nearest city is Government Camp.

Todd Lake is fairly tucked away from the noise of snowmobiles or cars. This is a 6.5 mile loop that is rated difficult although there is very minimal elevation gain. Bend is the nearest city to this hike.

Maidenfoot Nordic Trail is a 4.2 mile moderate difficulty hike that traverses side slope from Rosary Lakes to Malaks Mountain Nordic. From Willamette Pass: Along Highway 58. Proceed 1/8 mile to Highway Department sand shed entrance north of highway. Parking lot is to the right.

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