County: Washington
Zip Codes: 97007, 97006M

City Description for Relocating to Portland Metro

Aloha, Oregon

Aloha's famous Reserve Golf & Country Club

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities:

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Oregon DMV When relocating to Oregon you will need to get in touch with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain an Oregon driver’s license, pass DEQ testing for your car, renew license plates  among other things.  The closest DMV is located at Beaverton DMV, 10280 SW Park Way, Portland, OR  97225, (503) 299-9999, Drive Test Appointments.

Public Transportation: TriMet is the public transportation system for the Portland Metropolitan area. They provide busses, light rail, commuter rail, and street car. The MAX is the light rail while WES is the commuter rail. The El Monica station is one of the closest stations to Aloha, located on 170th. From the El Monica station you can get to the Portland International Airport or out to Gresham.

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Housing: Within the boundaries of Aloha you will be able to find new housing, older homes with sizable lots, and also townhomes and apartments. While there is the full spectrum of housing available the majority are 3 and 4 bedrooms homes ranging from $200,000 - $500,000. You will be able to find homes with all different lot sizes in this community as well. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Public Schools: Aloha is part of the Beaverton School District which has outstanding support and opportunities for students. Click any of the Aloha Schools below for some brief information, addresses and phone numbers.

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Aloha Private or Charter Schools

Religious Affiliations

There are numerous churches and religious affiliations in the area. The links below will give you information on each.

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Park and Recreation Information

Aloha is filled with numerous neighborhood parks with playgrounds, tennis courts, and soccer fields. There is also a 25 yard swimming pool located by Aloha High School which is run by the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District.

Dog Park: Hazeldale Park is located off 196th, N of Farmington in Aloha.

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Aloha is a close to numerous movie theatres. Two of the most popular are Movies on TV and Century 16 at Cedar Hills Crossing. Movies on TV is a multiplex cinema located at 2929 SW 234th Avenue. If features the latest top box office hits. Century 16 is a newer state of the art theater featuring rocking seats, digital stereo sound, Lucas film THX certification and a Starcade Game room. Tickets can be purchased in advance on


According to the 2000 census data, the medium income for a family living in Aloha was $56,566. The population density was 5,660.5 people per square mile while the racial makeup was 79.40% White, 1.35% African American, 0.78% Native American, 7.69% Asian, 0.37% Pacific Islander, 6.70% from other races, and 3.72% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 12.93% of the population.


Washington County Library Service-- Washington County is an outstanding library service with several branches where you can pick up and drop off materials. The Beaverton Library pictured above is next store to some fountains that children run through in the summer as well as a Farmer’s market.


Aloha Rotary Club: Rotary Club is a group of community service-minded individuals. The branch for Aloha residents would be the Beaverton Sunrise Rotary Club. They are a breakfast club that meets on Wednesdays.


Restaurants: Aloha is the home of Nona Amelia’s which is an unpretentious restaurant noted for their superb Italian cuisine. Other popular restaurants in the Aloha neighborhood are:

Thailand Restaurant;

Newport Bay Restaurant;

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

Reo's Ribs Restaurant and Catering;

Thai Orchid Restaurant ;

Monteaux's Public House;

Sandoval's Fresh Mexican Grill


Master’s Swimming: If you are a master’s swimmer, you will enjoy the Tualatin Hills Barracudas. They swim in an outstanding 50M pool called the Recreation Center located at 158th and Walker rd. They host workouts in the early morning, during the lunch hour, the evening, and also Saturday morning. Pohl Real Estate knows and understands everything about master's swimming. If you are interested in swimming contact us today.

Tennis: Tennis is pretty popular in the area. The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District have 6 indoor courts (6 more when the bubble is on the outdoor courts in the winter) and numerous outdoor courts in the neighborhoods. They feature classes and competition for the public. Private clubs in the area which have nice tennis programs are the West Hills Racquet and Fitness Club and the Sunset Athletic Club. Pohl Real Estate agents are avid tennis players. We can offer a lot of assistance regarding tennis.

Soccer: If your children are interested in soccer, get in touch with the Aloha Youth Soccer Club.

Professional Golf: The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club located in Aloha, Oregon`s wine country is a 36-hole golf facility. It's just 20 minutes west of downtown Portland. Peter Jacobson, professional golfer and an Oregon native, hosts a professional golf tournament here every year. It's located at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club, 4805 SW 229th Avenue, Aloha, OR 97007, 503-649-8191

Tualatin Hills is a huge park complex located at 158th and NW Walker Rd. 15707 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006. They have 6 indoor tennis courts and 6 outdoor tennis courts. They have a huge skate park, outdoor rollerblading rink, 12 baseball and softball fields, an enormous new outdoor and indoor basketball gym, workout rooms, weights, Olympic indoor swimming pool with high dives.

City History

There are conflicting stories as to how Aloha, Oregon came to be called Aloha. One claim by Joseph Buck in 1983 was that his uncle postmaster Julius Buck named the city after a small resort in Wisconsin called Aloah and the last two letters were transposed by the Post Office Department during the application process. This would also explain by the city is pronounced Ah-lowwa rather than Ah-lo-ha. Other sources say the name was chosen by Robery Caples, a railroad worker, with no stated reason for the choice. Still another story presented by Frithjof Tollefsen, a former postmaster of Aloha said the name came about at a dinner party of prominent citizens. When one guest started singing “Aloha Oe” someone suggested to call the town Aloha and Dora Buck, the sister of Julius Buck, submitted the name Aloah.

Aloha is an unincorporated community in Washington County. The public schools are part of the Beaverton School District and parts of Aloha are with in the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District boundaries which is one of the most prestigious park districts in the country.

Surrounding Cities: Beaverton, Hillsboro, Southwest Portland

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