County: Multnomah
Zip Codes: 97019


Relocating to Corbett, Oregon - Schools

School finder: If you move to Corbett, Oregon here is a list of schools your kids could go to.


Corbett School District serves approximately 700 students, grades K-12. Randy Trani, K-12 Principal, 503-695-3601 x233

35800 E Historic Columbia River Hwy, Corbett, OR 97019
District Office: (503) 695-3612
Grade School Office: (503) 695-3636
HS/MS Office: (503) 695-3626

Corbett High Schools:

Corbett High School is widely recognized as one of the premier schools in the State of Oregon and has gained national recognition as a center for Advanced Placement achievement.  It’s School Band won first In State in 2007 and has been among the top five finishers for nearly a decade. It also has a unique Culinary Arts Program that provides full food service to the students of the entire district while training students in meal preparation and



Corbett Middle Schools:

Corbett Middle School was the first to receive national recognition from the National Middle School Association as a School to Watch. It was rated as exceptional by the Oregon Department of Education recognized on its 2007 School Report Card.

Corbett Elementary Schools:

There are also numerous private schools in the Corbett area.
Corbett Elementary School offers instruction in a multi-age classroom environment in which students work at their own levels and rates rather than being tied to arbitrary age-or-grade-level expectations. Every student participates in an exceptional music program and may choose to enroll in band beginning in
grade 5.

Corbett Private or Charter Schools

No data for Corbett private schools.