County: Clackamas
Zip Codes: 97023


Relocating to Estacada, Oregon - Parks

This page provides information about all the park and recreation facilities in Estacada, Oregon. It includes addresses, phone numbers, bus stop numbers, and off leash dog park information.

Estacada Park and Recreation:

Milo McIver State Park, 24101 South Entrance Road, Estacada, OR Phone: (503) 630-7150

Promontory Park Campground is located on the Clackamas River, 40600 E Highway 224, Estacada, OR Phone: (503) 630-7229

Barton Park is a Clackamas County Park that has 2 campgrounds. Estacada, OR Phone: (503) 637-3015

Clackamas Metzler Park, 24526 South Metzler Park Road, Estacada, OR Phone: (503) 630-4743

Silver Fox RV Park, 40505 E Highway 224, Estacada, OR Phone: (503) 630-7000


Dog Park:

Milo McIver State Park is located on Springwater Road, 4 miles W of Estacada.  It is a state park with an unleashed dog area.