County: Washington
Zip Codes:  97116


Relocating to Forest Grove,Oregon-


This page provides information about employers in Forest Grove, Oregon. It includes information such as name, addresses, phone numbers, website and size.

Forest Grove Employers:

Merix deals with circuit board manufacturing.  (503) 359-3000

Pacific University deals in educational services. (503) 359-6151

Forest Grove School District deals in educational services. (503) 359-8110

Stimson Lumber deals with timber and plywood. (503) 357-2131

Jennings McCall Center deals with senior housing and services. (503) 359-4465

Forest Grove is a municipality.  (503) 992-3200

Woodfold-Marco is a wood door manufacturer. (503) 357-7181

Westakdeals in circuit board manufacturing. (503) 359-3593

Safeway is a retail grocer.  (503) 359-8700

Oregon Roses Agriculture deals with plants and flowers.  (503) 648-8551

McMenamins is a restaurant and hotel.  (503) 992-9533

Tuality Health Care deals in hospital and medical services. (503) 357-2173

Gray and Co deals with food processing cherry products.  (503) 357-3141

Marquis Care deals with senior housing and services. (503) 357-7119

J. Lieb Foods deals with food processing and storage. (503) 359-9279

Pascor deals with high voltage switches. (503) 359-3939

Forest Grove has a growing workforce that is educated, skilled and diverse.  Organizations that assist employers with recruitment, screening, training, and ongoing education are:

Forest Grove Employment and Training Center, (503) 992-7403.

Washington County Workforce Alliance, (503) 533-2946.

Worksource Oregon-Employment Dept., (503) 681-0219.

Portland Community College, (503) 244-6111.

Pacific University, (503) 352-5151.