County: Clackamas
Zip Codes: 97027


Relocating to Gladstone, Oregon - Schools

School finder: If you move to Gladstone, Oregon here is a list of schools your kids could go to.


Gladstone School District 17789 Webster Rd, Gladstone, Oregon 97027 (503) 655-2777

Gladstone High Schools:

Gladstone High School is a comprehensive four-year school serving students grades nine through twelve. 18800 Portland Avenue, Gladstone, OR 97027-1698 Phone: (503) 655-2544

Gladstone Middle Schools:

Walter L Kraxberger Middle School serves grades five through eight. 17777 Webster Rd. Gladstone, Oregon 97027 Phone: (503) 655-3636

Gladstone Elementary Schools:

John Wetten Elementary serves grades kindergarten through fourth. 250 E Exeter
Gladstone, Oregon 97027-2162 Phone: 503 656-6564

Gladstone Private or Charter Schools:

Rivergate Adventist Elementary School, 1505 Ohlson Rd, Gladstone, OR 97027 Phone:
(503) 656-0544

Grace Christian School serves students pre-school through high school. 6460 Glen Echo Ave, Gladstone, OR 97027 Phone: (503) 655-1702

Gladstone Center for Children and Families combines the District’s Kindergarten classes with Clackamas County Education Services District’s Early Childhood Program along with Head Start Classes from the Clackamas Children’s Commission Head Start. 18905 Portland Avenue Gladstone, Oregon 97027 Phone: 503-496-3939