County: Yamhill
Zip Codes: 97128


Relocating to McMinnville, Oregon - Parks

This page provides information about all the park and recreation facilities in McMinnville, Oregon. It includes addresses, phone numbers, bus stop numbers, and off leash dog park information.


McMinnville Park and Recreation:

McMinnville has numerous parks in which picnic areas are first come first serve. Wortman Park and Discovery Meadows can be reserved a head of time by calling 503-434-7310. The following are a list of the parks and how many acres they are:

Airport Park 21 acres, City Park 13 acres, Joe Dancer Park 100 acres, Kiwanis Marine Park 5 acres, Wortman Park 21 acres, Thompson Park 2 acres, Discovery Meadows 22 acres, Rotary Nature Preserve at Tice Woods 36 acres, Heather Hollow 3 acres, Westvale Greenway 15 acres and 7 neighborhood mini-parks 3 acres.

Aquatic Center, 138 NW Park Drive, McMinnville, OR 97128 Phone: 503-434-7309

Community Center hosts more than 200,000 event, program, and drop-in participants annually.
600 NE Evans Street, McMinnville, OR 97128 Phone: Phone: 503-434-7315

McMinnville Senior Center offers recreational activities as well as social and personal support services and programs for seniors. 2250 McDaniel Lane, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 Phone: 503-435-0407