County: Clackamas
Zip Codes: 97045


Relocating to Oregon City, Oregon - Parks

This page provides information about all the park and recreation facilities in Oregon City, Oregon. It includes addresses, phone numbers, bus stop numbers, and off leash dog park information.


Oregon City Park and Recreation:

Abernethy Creek Park -- 16th and John Adams St.

Atkinson Park -- 1601 Jackson Street. Amenities include: natural areas, great views, a restroom building, a picnic shelter and the site where the Buena Vista Clubhouse.

Barclay Park -- 711 12th Street

Barclay Hills Park -- 13571 Barclay Hills Drive. Amenities include: a playground, a basketball court and a small open play area.

Canemah Children’s Park -- 815 4th Ave. Amenities include: a picnic shelter, a basketball court and a small play area.

Chapin Park -- 340 Warner Parrott Rd. This eighteen acre park includes four baseball / softball diamonds, two soccer fields, a walking / jogging path, a play area and a picnic shelter.

Clackamette Park -- 1955 Clackamette Drive. The park contains 38 parking spaces for RV camping on or with a view of the Willamette River. Amenities include: a boat, recreational boats available for public use, beaches, and the Oregon City Skatepark.

Clackamas River Trail -- Main Street Extension. There is approximately a one-mile trail that runs through the Clackamette Cove area from the Main Street Extension to Washington Street, which connects to the footbridge to Gladstone.

Hartke Park located at 556 Hartke Loop is a small neighborhood park located a few blocks off of Warner Parrot Rd. Facilities at Hartke Park consist of a small play area, two tennis courts and a basketball court.

Hazelwood Park -- 920 Laurelwood Dr.

Hillendale Park located at 19260 Clairmont Way is a sixteen-acre neighborhood park. Amenities includes a picnic shelter, tennis court, walking path, two play areas, and a baseball and soccer field.

Jon Storm Park -- 1801 Clackamette Dr.

Mountain View Cemetery located at 500 Hilda Street. This historic cemetery is located above Newell Creek Canyon. A path to Newell Creek Canyon is accessible from the cemetery.

McLoughlin Promenade is a 7.8-acre linear park on the bluff above downtown. Amenities include a .4-mile pathway.

Old Canemah Park located at 150 3rd Ave is in the Historic Canemah neighborhood. Amenities include: walking trails, changing grades, picnic areas and beautiful views.

Park Place Park located at 16180 Front Ave. Amenities include: natural areas, internal walking paths, a playground, restroom building and parking.

Richard Bloom Tots’ Park located at 802 6th Street is a small neighborhood park. Amenities include: a tot playground, tot swings and a small restroom.

Rivercrest Park located at 131 Park Drive is a six-acre neighborhood park. Amenities includes two covered picnic areas, an interactive spraypark, play area for children, t-ball field, and new tennis and basketball courts.

Singer Creek Park located at 130 Linn Avenue is a 18-acre park with walking paths through fruit orchards.

Stafford Park located at 569 Holmes Lane is a small neighborhood park with just an open grass area.

Waterboard Park -- 921 Waterboard Park Rd is located at the end of John Adams Street, near the armory. Waterboard Park is a natural area with beautiful views of Oregon City.

Wesley Lynn Park -- 12901 Frontier Parkway. Amenities includes: 2 baseball/softball fields; 2 soccer/multi-purpose fields; walking paths; picnic areas; large playground structure; parking lot; and open spaces.