County: Columbia
Zip Codes: 97051


Relocating to St. Helens, Oregon - Parks

This page provides information about all the park and recreation facilities in St. Helens, Oregon. It includes addresses, phone numbers, bus stop numbers, and off leash dog park information.


St. Helens Park and Recreation:

McCormick Park: 475 South 18th Street; between Old Portland Road, South 18th Street, and DuBois Lane. This site includes 70.33 acres and is the location of the Parks Dept. office. Amenities include: Milton Creek runs through park, 2 softball fields with restrooms and concession stands, sand volleyball court, skateboard park, playground, 3 picnic areas, 1.5 mile fitness trail with exercise stations, nature trail, restrooms with showers, Japanese Garden and landscaped areas, Veterans Memorial, overnight camping (reservations required) - 11 tent creekside-campsites with charcoal cookers.

Campbell Park: West of intersection of North Vernonia Road/McMichael Street; 9.1 acres. Amenities include: picnic area with 2 picnic shelters, charcoal cookers, playground, 2 ball fields with lights and concession stand, 1 ball field, 4 tennis courts, 1 cemented, fenced activity area, and restroom.

Civic Pride Park: Adjacent to (west of) Meriwether Lewis/William Clark Schools and Eisenschmidt Swimming Pool; 1.7 acres. Amenities include: picnic tables and charcoal cookers, playground, and restroom.

Godfrey Park: North 4th Street, just off Columbia Boulevard; 3.5 acres. Amenities include: 1 picnic shelter, picnic tables, charcoal cookers, playground, horseshoe court, and chemical toilet.

Heinie Heumann Park: South 15th and 16th Streets/Tualatin Street; 2.9 acres. Amenities include: picnic tables, playground, and chemical toilet.

Little League Park: North 6th and 7th Streets/West Street; 2.93 acres. Amenities include: 2 multi-purpose athletic fields with dugouts, seating, removable goalposts, restroom, and 2 concession stands.

Columbia Botanical Gardens: North 6th Street, adjacent to B.P.O.E. (Elks) Lodge; 3.2 acres with a nature trail.

Columbia View Park: 9 acre park between Strand and Columbia River, across the street from City Hall.
Amenities include: Columbia River frontage, gazebo with electricity (reserved at no-charge for weddings, receptions, community events, etc.), playground, handicapped-access viewing platform (adjacent to Strand), commemorative brick courtyard area designated as a handicapped-access picnic/viewing area, picnic tables, restroom with showers, and flower garden.

Sand Island Marine Park: Man made island at Columbia River Mile 86; east of City Hall, north of Sauvie Island; 42.4 acres. Amenities include: concrete docks with access ramp, picnic shelter, 37 overnight campsites with picnic tables, charcoal cookers, 3 restrooms, nature trails, swimming/sunbathing beaches, and volleyball anchor posts.

Dalton Park: North end of River Street on shore of Columbia River; 1.6 acres.  Highway 30 Greenway: 5.3 acres strip, 35 feet wide on east side of Columbia River Highway, from Gable Road to Deer Island Road. Amenities in development include pathways, benches, and landscaping.

Dahlgren Park: West of Highway 30 on Ross Road, south of Bachelor Flat Road; 24.52 acres.