County: Clackamas
Zip Codes: 97055


Relocating to Sandy, Oregon - Parks

This page provides information about all the park and recreation facilities in Sandy, Oregon. It includes addresses, phone numbers, bus stop numbers, and off leash dog park information.


Sandy Park and Recreation:

Sandy Skate park is a 10,000-square-foot skate park near the southern end of the soccer field at Cedar Ridge Middle School. 17165 Meinig Avenue

Barlow Ridge Park has a play structure and a basketball court. 38616 Barlow Parkway, Sandy, OR 97055.

Bell Street Fields are located at Sandy High School. Amenities include a 5 ½ acre facility that offers baseball, softball, and soccer. 37680 Bell St., Sandy, OR 97055

Cascadia Park consists of 2.5 acres of open space, 1.92 acre multipurpose field, and a .38 acre tot lot with play structure. 39200 Newton St., Sandy, OR 97055

Hamilton Ridge consists of play structure and foot path which connects Sandy Height to approximately 7 acres of open space along Tickle Creek. 37699 Sandy Heights, Sandy, OR 97055

Jonsrud Viewpoint Park consists of 4.95 acres and has brick pathways and a telescope to view Mt. Hood. North of Highway 26 on Bluff Road

Meinig Memorial Park is a 10-acre park that has hiking trails, gazebo, amphitheater, restrooms, picnic area, creek, and handicap-accessible playground. 17670 Meinig Ave, Sandy, OR 97055

Sandy Bluff Park has 8.4 acres that include grassy areas, paths, play structure, pond, and picnic tables. 36801 Goldenrain St., Sandy, OR 97055

Sandy River Park consists of 124 acres of undeveloped areas. There is also hiking and fishing. Trailhead at the end of Marcy Street; parking is available in the Sandy High School gravel parking lot on Bluff Rd.

Tickle Creek Park & Trail is an undeveloped 4.86 acres park along Tickle Creek. Location is East of 362nd and South of Dubarko Rd.

Timberline Ridge consists of a play structure, basketball court and wooded paths and picnic areas. 39600 Wall St., Sandy, OR 97055

Tupper Park features a 1.8 acre park with a basketball court, play structure, and picnic tables. 17815 Tupper Rd., Sandy, OR 97055

Veterans Memorial Square features a statue on the corner of Highways 26 & 211 to honor all war veterans.