County: Columbia
Zip Codes: 97056


Relocating to Scappoose,Oregon-


This page provides information about employers in Scappoose, Oregon. It includes information such as name, addresses, phone numbers, website and size.


Scappoose Employers:

Fred Meyer Stores, Inc is a department store and supermarket with approximately 150 employees at this location.  51501 Columbia River Hwy, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-4539

Means Nursery, Inc is a nursery wholesaler with approximately 70 employees.  33499 Kammeyer Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-4321

Composites Unlimited, Inc manufactures aircraft parts and equipment and has approximately 60 employees.  53770 Airport Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-2508

Taylormade Products, Inc manufactures wood pallets and containers and has approximately 55 employees.  34202 Johnsons Landing Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056

Michael Curry Design, Incorporated designs and manufactures apparel and accessories and has approximately 55 employees.  50759 Dike Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-4411

Glacier Northwest Inc is a construction materials wholesaler, plumbing supply store, and also does business in sand & gravel mining.  They have approximately 50 employees. 34885 N Honeyman Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056

McDonalds Restaurant is in the fast food business with approximately 42 employees at this location.  33558 Havlik Dr,Scappoose, Oregon  97056-3830

Eea Company is a nursing home with approximately 40 employees.  33910 E Columbia Ave, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-3309

Shounco Design Studios Inc is an engineering outfit and also resells engineering software.  They have approximately 36 employees at this location.  33544 Havlik Dr, Scappoose, Oregon  97056

West Coast Shoe Co manufactures men’s and women’s footwear and has approximately 33 employees.  52828 NW, Scappoose, Oregon  97056

Scappoose Family Medical Center is a medical doctor’s office with approximately 26 employees. 51377 SW Old Portland Rd C, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-4018

T F T Construction, Inc does residential construction and site preparation and has approximately 25 employees.  53990 W Lane Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-2507

O S Systems, Incorporated manufactures men’s and women’s apparel and has approximately 25 employees.  33550 SE Santosh St, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-3608

Crestwood Inc is a kitchen cabinet and wood counter manufacturer with approximately 25 employees.  33562 Medlik Dr, Scappoose, Oregon  97056

Columbia NW Heating Inc does business in appliance repair, plumbing & HVAC contractor with approximately 25 employees.  52760 Ne 1st St, Scappoose, Oregon  97056

Beaver Bark, Inc, does business in fertilizer manufacturing, lumber cutting & planning and has approximately 23 employees.  54000 W Lane Rd, Scappoose, Oregon  97056-2507