County: Columbia
Zip Codes: 97064


Relocating to Vernonia, Oregon - Schools

School finder: If you move to Vernonia, Oregon here is a list of schools your kids could go to.


Vernonia High Schools:

Vernonia High School opened in 1953, serves grades 9-12, and is home to the Loggers. Location: 299 Bridge Street, Vernonia, OR 97064 Phone: (503) 429-3521

Vernonia Middle Schools:

Vernonia Middle School opened in 2005. It serves grades 6-8. The middle school is departmentalized, and has numerous electives to choose from such as art, music, band and physical ed. Location: 249 Bridge Street, Vernonia, OR 97064    Phone:  (503) 429-0487

Vernonia Elementary Schools:

Washington Grade School was built in 1930 and serves grades K-5. Location: 199 Bridge Street   Vernonia, OR 97064    Phone: (503) 429-7941   

Mist Elementary School is located 17 miles north of Vernonia. Mist Elementary School originally opened in 1917. It serves students in grades K-5 in a self contained classroom. Grades 6-12 are transported to Vernonia Middle School or Vernonia High School.

Vernonia Private or Charter Schools

Kala Cota's Day Care Center serves preschool. Location: 186 E St, Vernonia, OR 97064  (503) 429-4406