County: Clackamas
Zip Codes: 97070


Relocating to Wilsonville, Oregon -


This page provides information about employers in Wilsonville, Oregon. It includes information such as name, addresses, phone numbers, website and size.


Wilsonville Employers:

Here is a list of Wilsonville's Top 20 employers for 2007-2008.

Xerox Corporation; 26600 SW Parkway Avenue; 503-682-7370 makes Color Printers

Mentor Graphics; 8005 SW Boeckman Road; 503-685-7000 makes CAD Software Systems

Hollywood Entertainment; 9275 SW Peyton Lane 503-570-1600 Video Rental Distribution

Precision Interconnect;10025 SW Freeman Drive 503-685-9300 Electronic Machinery

Sysco Food Services; 26250 SW Parkway Center Dr. 503-682-8700 Warehouse & Distribution Center

Flir Systems Inc. 27700 A SW Parkway Ave 503-498-3547 Infrared Technology

Fry’s Electronics; 29400 SW Town Center Loop. W 503-570-6000 Retail

Rite Aid Distribution Center 8235 SW Wilsonville Road 503-682-2701 Warehouse & Distribution Center

Nike USA 27255 SW 95th Avenue 503-682-6453 Athletic Wear Distributor

InFocus/Clarity Visual Systems 27500 SW Parkway Avenue 503-685-8888 Projectors & Display Systems

Oregon Glass Company 10450 SW Ridder Road 503-682-3846 Glass Products Manufacture

Joe's Inc; 9805 SW Boeckman Rd 503-682-2242 Corporate Office & Distribution Center

Orepac; 30160 SW Orepac Ave.503-682-6411 Forest Products

Adecco USA Inc 8269 SW Wilsonville Rd. #H 503-682-0304 Personnel Services

Houston's Inc. 9799 SW Freeman Dr. 503-582-1121 Distribution Center

Target; 25925 SW Heather Pl. 503-682-7781 Retail Store

Vision Plastics; 26000 SW Parkway Ctr Dr. 503-685-9000 Injection Molding Facility

Lamb's Thriftway; 8255 SW Wilsonville Rd. 503-682-9053 Retail Store

Costco Wholesale; 25900 SW Heather Pl.503-825-4003 Retail Warehouse

Springridge at Charbonneau; 32200 SW French Prairie Dr. 503-694-2700 Residential Care