Guide to Relocating to Portland, Oregon

Below is a guide to relocating to Portland, Oregon.


1. See if job will help with cost
2. See if you'll be able to write off relocating expenses on your taxes


Visit as a tourist to locate the right home and neighborhood


Check out your new city from the freeways, to bridges and to overpasses.  When moving planning crucial.  You want ot make sure you are not going over a bridge that cannot support the weight of your truck or your not going under a bridge that is too low in height for your transport unit.  Also you'll want to avoid high traffic areas.

Moving Options

Hired labor, renting a truck, or hire an entire moving company.


Do you need to consult a lawyer to see if you financial arrangements coincide with the new state, city or government body?

Preoccupy the Kids

While packing having the kids go to a movie.  Have them go somewhere they could have fun so they will be more excited for the move.


Packing early and using boxes will help tremendously when the movers need to load up and unload.  Ultimately it will protect your belongings much more.

Create checklists

Get a yellow pad of paper and start a huge checklist to stay organized.  Keep it on you the entire time and it will be easier to add and remove things as needed.

Locate Professionals

Helpful professionals will help you tremendously and it's all a part of their fee.

Realtors -- help you locate a home, neighborhood, parks, good schools and more.

Mortgage Broker -- help you to get the best product to finance your home and ultimately save you money.

Banker -- helps you to get the right products in place for your living location.  You'll need to update trusts, checking, savings, retirement accounts, check out newer incentives for your new place.

Movers -- helps you pack and move without damaging your stuff