Itinerary for Visiting Portland, Oregon

Below is a sample itinerary for visiting Portland, Oregon to determine and help with your relocation.


Sample: Seven Day Itinerary to Prepare for Your Relocation to Portland Decisions

Day 1 (Will be focused on getting organized and acquainted and setting your mind right for how many huge decisions you have to make in a short period of time.)

Day 2 (will be focused on researching your work location and identifying traffic patterns what is important for you.  Such as do you need to be next to the golf club, or do you need to be near freeways.  What is absolutely the most important.  How many minutes are you willing to commute too and from work?)

Day 3 (Now that you've identified the maximum amount of commute time you've narrowed down your search to specific areas.  Next item is how do you want to live?  Do you need to be within walking distance of tennis club or organic food store?  Need to be within walking distance of the best public High School?)

Day 4 (Now that you've identified where you are working, how long your commute will be, which key areas you need to be close too, what county you want to live in now is the time to search out neighborhoods.  What kind of neighborhoods do you want to live in?  Do you want neighborhoods with HOA's?  Do you want neighborhoods with larger houses, smaller houses, newer houses, older houses?  Do you want neighborhoods with very little cars that park on the streets?  Do you want neighborhoods with security gates?  Do you want high income or middle income or lower income neighborhoods?  Do you want neighborhoods with extras like parks, walking trails and pools?  Today and tomorrow you'll be working with a Real Estate Agent to help you.)

Day 5 (Ok yesterday the Real Estate Agent has shown you many neighborhoods of which we've found 4-5 different neighborhoods that all meet your criteria and today it's time to take a look inside of some of the homes that are for sale in those neighborhoods.) 

Day 6 (Ok now that your realtor knows exactly what you are wanting it's time to narrow down your search and choose 3 homes that all meet your needs and to make offers on each one of the homes.)

Day 7 (Ok you've now made offers on three of the homes and have ranked them from 1-3 as to which is best, second best and third best.  Now you can feel comfortable and relaxed flying home knowing that you've successfully identified where you want to live, what you want to live next to, what kind of lifestyle you want to live (sitting in traffic or biking to work or short 5 minute commute), you've pinpointed the type of neighborhood and home you want to live in.  You've found three homes that will work for your needs and have ranked them from 1-3 and have made offers on all of them.)  Now it's up to your Real Estate Agent and the sellers.