Tips to Relocating to Portland, Oregon


Relocating Items to Understand in Regards to a Future Employer

Employers can help:  They can assist in your planning and organizing and might even pay.  Basic things you'll need to find out:  Who's paying for the relocation?  What should I ask for?  What to expect?  Can you afford the relocation? 

Cost:  If a company can relocate an employee how much will it cost?  According to the Employee Relocation Council a company who relocate a new employee pays an average of $49,469 for homeowners and $14,001 for renters.

Employers: In tough job markets, like today, many companies do not offer financial help.  Where an employer is located is important because many employers end up favoring local candidates because they would not require any assistance in relocating.  If you know that up front then state that in the cover letter that you are going to be paying for your own relocation costs.  Just use the KISS method (keep it simple stupid).  All you need to say is, "I do not need relocation assistance".  On the other hand if you are seeking relocation assistance than make sure you don't state that in the cover letter.

Read the Writing:  Things to look for might be that some companies offer one-time payments.  Also most of the time you will need to plan and organize your own relocation.  If the company agrees to pay $20,000 and you spend $40,000 then you will have to pay $20,000, the difference.  If you do get the company to pay for your relocation get the specifics of what they will be paying for and what they won't pay for.   Sometimes companies can get very creative with some of the relocation packages but just make sure you due your due diligence before you accept their offer.

Negotiate with the Employer:  Sometimes relocation money is part of the Employee's benefits package in which case they'll be covered or a portion will be covered.  Everything is negotiable.  From negotiation your compensation to vacation to relocation do what make sense for your family.   Company Executives and Senior Management are the people who get the relocation assistance the most.  Also Employees with unique skills and experience that will help the business tremendously will get the relocation money too.  Sometime small towns and rural communities don't have a good pool of candidates for highly educated or uniquely qualified people so they are more apt to pay for relocation assistance.